Friday, August 25, 2017

Virus Alert Warning

If you've ever seen one of these on your screen, DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!

These screens that pop up on your computer while you're browsing the internet are scams. If you call the number, someone will want access to your computer and your bank information or credit card. This is how Identities get stolen and people lose a lot of cash. Not to mention creating a serious issue on your computer that will need to be remedied at your cost.

The best thing to do is use Alt+F4 to close the window down. Then disconnect your internet access whether it be WiFi or Ethernet. You can disconnect your WiFi in Windows, or unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer.

Once you have taken care of that, you can go through the many steps to remove the threat yourself or call a reputable repair technician. There are plenty of them in your area. Use your phone or another computer to find the help you need.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Windows Password vs Pin

So, I want to talk about your login screen on your computer. This is the screen that you see when you turn on your computer or wake it from sleep. You'll see a round image and your user name with a spot to type in your password or pin.

The thing I want to make you aware of is the difference between a password and a pin. When you first setup Windows 10 after an upgrade, fresh install or if you bought a new computer, you were given the opportunity to sign into an existing account or create a new account. During this process, you used a password to access this account. Unless you used a local account, you now have an online Microsoft Outlook account that requires the password you created to access it.

Now, here's where the tricky part comes in. While you're in the process of setting up that computer, and after you have signed into that online account, you are given the opportunity to create a PIN for accessing your computer. A lot of people do this because it seems like a secure and easy way to access your computer. And it works fairly well. But, what you need to understand is that the password you created is still necessary to connect to the account you originally created.

We work with many customers that never remember that password because they think, based of what Microsoft tells them, that that PIN is the only thing they need to access their account. Well, if you reset that computer or have the Operating System installed from scratch, you will need that password to access your account before you can setup the PIN again.

So, the purpose of this post is to remind you to keep track of ALL of your Passwords and the coordinating PIN's that might go along with them. As with most things that you log in to now days, you'll likely need both of them to get things back to normal when you have a catastrophe on your computer.

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A Better Tech

Monday, July 17, 2017


Here are some things you can do to help maintain your computer and keep it running smoother for longer.

Start by running disk cleanup to clear out all the temporary system files from your computer. This program can be found in Windows administrative tools or by searching for it in the Windows search component. The program is completely safe and won’t delete anything you need.

Then you'll want to clear the cache and history from any other web browsers you might use. Somewhere in the browser settings, you can find the option to do this. Understand, when you do this, it will log you out of any sites you were previously logged into.

Next you can go through your installed programs and uninstall any old programs you don’t use, or that look suspicious. Be cautious here, because some of your drivers and other program software can be removed as well. If you're not sure, you can ask us.

After that, run a scan with your anti-virus software, then with Malwarebytes and lastly run one of the on line scanners we link to on our site.

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A Better Tech

Monday, June 26, 2017

F Keys and Switches

Occasionally we get calls from customers that they are unable to connect to their WiFi Network. Sometimes it turns out to be a control switch on the laptop itself. If you look at the image below, you'll notice there is a switch for turning the WiFi on and off.

These switches can also be located on the side of the laptop with some models. If your WiFi doesn't seem to be working properly, try to locate a switch.

Another place they can be located is in the F keys. Using the FN key at the bottom left of your keyboard along with a select F key will disable or enable your WiFi. The icon on the F key will look similar to the WiFi icon on the switch above. You can see what the F keys and FN key look like in the picture below.

(NOTE: If holding the FN key and an F key doesn't work, try it without the FN Key.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lightning damages computers

With the storm coming to South East Texas this week, I decided to take a minute and remind you that lightning strikes and power spikes can damage your computer.

A surge protector can help, but if your house takes a direct hit, that may not protect your electronics from damage. It's better to have everything disconnected from the wall. Especially your Ethernet cable. Since current takes the path of least resistance, the majority of surge problems happen through the Ethernet cable and will damage nearby components once it hits your motherboard.

Sometimes, things like this are repairable, but at a significant cost. And other times, you could lose everything and have to start new with a blank slate. So, take a few minutes and protect your electronics for any impending damage. But, if your computer does get damaged, bring it to us. We can help.

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A Better Tech

Monday, June 19, 2017


One of the biggest computer problems we see is customers with a Virus that they got after they clicked on a pop up or ad that told them they “NEEDED” the product being sold. We’ve also seen many customers that have bought unnecessary ad on programs that advertising convinced them they needed. These ad on programs are usually something that is advertised in a program that is being used by the customer, but it’s not necessary to keep using the primary program.

So, as you’re working on your computer and you see an ad or pop up trying to sell you something, be cautious and research things prior to spending your hard earned money. You can prevent wasting money, ending up with more programs to slow down your computer or even worse, ending up with a virus that takes you down completely.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Here at A Better Tech, we understand that you have many choices for having your computers and other devices repaired or maintained. Big companies offer extended warranties, repair evaluations and virus scans. But all that costs you extra when you don’t necessarily need it. Then they want to sell you more devices or software to make more of a profit. We don’t believe in up-selling customers just to make a profit. Our biggest goal is to provide an honest and fair service with a personal touch to give our customers a higher than expected repair experience. We treat your computer like it’s our own, with only one technician doing all the work from start to finish to provide the best possible repair available.


A Better Tech is a locally owned business with only two people running the show. Our technician, Robert, has earned an Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering, which includes several credit hours of different aspects of Computer Science. For the last 20 + years, Robert has made a full time hobby out of troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of computer hardware and software problems. In 2014 we decided to create A Better Tech to help local customers and small businesses solve the problem of not being able to afford a full time repair technician or IT tech for their computers and other devices. With several years of technology and management experience and training, we offer “The techy guy down the street” service in a professional and formal atmosphere.


We are not here to get rich off of your hard earned money. We’re here to help individuals and small businesses maintain their expected level of needs from today's technology. We asses each customers situation and provide suggestions so you can make an educated decision to benefit your personal needs. All work is done in house, as opposed to being shipped off somewhere else, which gets you back in service in a more timely manner. The customers needs are our number one priority.

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